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千里追风油 Minyak Qu Feng 60ml

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Sports pain relief. Soothes muscles and joints pain

Backache, arthritis, Muscle pain, Sprain and bruises.
缓解肌肉疼痛, 腰酸背痛, 关节疼痛, 风湿骨痛, 肩周炎, 颈椎疼痛
四肢寒冷, 肌肉麻痹, 跌打损伤.
Each 100ml contains:
Mefit Solisilat (A) 59.64g. Oleoresin Kapsikum 10.15g. Minyak Cengkih 8.45g. Minyak Pudina 6.34g. Kamphor 14.91g. Metanol 0.45g.
Benefits of Minyak Merah:
Sprain, backache, arthritis, muscle pain, sports pain relief and bruises.
1 ) Apply 3-5 drops Minyak Merah oil on the pain area. Place the palm on to area of pain for 2-3 minutes till the hot sensation is felt. Continue if comfortable otherwise stop.
2 ) Pour Minyak Merah oil to the affected area. Apply with the thumb on the area rub slowly for 5-8 minutes. This will enhance blood circulation. 2 times daily until pain is relieved.
Note & Precautions:
Do not use on wounds, on damaged skin avoid contact with the eyes or mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.
千里追风油简称追风油. 千里追风油乃南洋创制数十年, 远近驰名, 促进人体血液循环, 驱除疾病痛. 具有良好的药理疗效. 因效果良好, 在马来西亚有口皆碑, 引来游客千里迢迢来购买, 故称为“千里追风油”.

传统用来缓解肌肉疼痛, 腰酸背痛, 关节疼痛, 风湿骨痛, 风湿肿痛, 肩周炎, 颈椎疼痛, 风湿性关节炎,
四肢寒冷, 肌肉麻痹, 跌打损伤.

用法1): 取3-5滴千里追风油涂在疼痛部位, 将手掌按在疼痛部位至发热为止约2-3分钟,觉的很舒服
再继续按, 如果觉的太热, 就赶快把手松开.

用法2): 取3-5滴千里追风油轻轻涂擦疼痛患处, 然后用拇指缓慢擦拭5-8分钟, 每日涂用2次, 直到疼痛
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