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Due to CNY season, we only continue our delivery from 3/2/23 onward for all orders which made after 12/1/23. Thank you and Happy CNY!!

Purchase CNY hamper and gift box RM100 amd above You could enjoy free shipping to West Malaysia (Labuan, Langkawi, Puala Pangkok not included). And you purchase RM300 and above can enjoy 8% off and FREE Shipping with promo code : YINONNCNY . HURRY! extra discount and free shipping only valid before 14 Jan 2023! We will ship out your hampers within 3 business days after payment confirmed.

由于临近新春佳节, 所有在12/1/23后定购的订单将会于3/2/23过后才会开始发送。谢谢大家的支持和恭祝大家新年快乐,身体健康!

凡购买RM100或以上可以免运费至全西马区域(除了外岛)。 凡购买RM300或以上可以优惠码 :YINONNCNY 享有额外8%折扣和免运费!优惠只限于14/1/2023之前定购的客户!我们会在收到你的定单的3个工作日内发出你的礼篮。

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