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补腰八珍汤 (8 Herbs Soup for kidney)

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A special Chinese supplement of 8 herbs effective for nurturing after-labor women. Main function of this recipe is to invigorate blood-qi and strengthen the kidney and relief backpain. This blend of Chinese herbal soups can also serve as an excellent supplement for busy working people who has anemia.

适宜人群 : 手脚冰冷、面色苍白、疲劳乏力、月经不调、产后气血亏虚者。

做法 : 四碗水煮成一碗,约时1个半小时。
Pour all the soup ingredients into pot. Add water, and bring to boil. Simmer for 1 1/2 hours. Can be cooked separately with chicken or lean pork.

Our company only use the herbs without any sulfur added.

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