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Qiang Fei San 强肺散 (MAL19990889T)

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Qiang Fei San (MAL19990889T), or "QFS" in short, is a health supplement made from various types of superior and nutritional herbs. Its herbal composition performs a direct fundamental function in nourishing lungs, stabilizing bodily defensive energy, stiffening bodily skin-hairs as well as a complementary function in lungs by regulating and nourishing on spleen and kidney. Hence, QFS works effectively in revitalizing lungs and respiratory system's resistance ability. Qiang Fei San is a "traditional preparation" health supplement that made from various types of superior and nutritional herbs. Its herbal composition consists of the following:- 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 Source Extracted From The Dictionary of Chinese Medication :- 🌿 Panax ginseng C.A Mey - used for nourishing lungs, strengthening four organs, relieving cough, restoring lungs energy, promoting blood circulation and retarding ageing process. 🌿 Panax quinquefolium L - used for strengthening lungs, relieving persistent cough, reducing lungs' heaty and excessive phlegm. 🌿 Glehnia littoralis F.Schmidt ex miq - used for clearing lungs, expelling bloodshot phlegm, soothing lungs' heaty and relieving cough. 🌿 Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc - used for revitalizing lungs energy, clearing phlegm and cough, strengthening kidney, treating senile chronic cough and anemia. 🌿 Gynostemma pentaphyllum (thund.) Mak - used for soothing inflammation, detoxification, relieving cough; expelling phlegm, relieving chronic bronchitis, preventing ageing, reducing blood fat, strengthening immune system and sedative-hypnotic. 🌿 Hohttuynia Cordata Thund - used for relieving lungs suppurative, bloodshot cough, stinking smell phlegm, clearing heaty, detoxification,relieving pneumonia, running sore, eczema and scabies. It is time to use Qiang Fei San! “In the school, when the classmate falls sick, infecting your kid also falling sick, worse still leading to your whole family fall into sick,how would you do?" When facing this circumstance, please remember that QFS may help you to improve your family members’ health. 📑Direction📑 It is recommended to take QFS in empty stomach (1 hour before breakfast) and before bedtime (1 hour after meal). 👩 👱Adult: Take one sachet, twice daily 👶Children: 0 - 3yr: Take ⅓ sachet, 2 or 3 times daily 4 - 11yr: Take ½ sachet, 2 or 3 times daily

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