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Anti-Epidemic Fragrance Sachet 天然本草香囊

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Modern research believes that the rich aroma of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine in the sachet can excite the nervous system, stimulate the nasal mucosa, increase the content of antibodies (secreted immunoglobulin) on the nasal mucosa, and constantly stimulate the body's immunity System, promotes the production of antibodies, has a growth-inhibiting effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria, and can also improve the body's disease resistance. Children's nasal mucosa has low levels of secreted immunoglobulins, which are susceptible to respiratory infections, so it is most suitable to carry a Traditional Chinese Herbs sachets. Children are often placed with sachets in their pockets and pillows. They have certain preventive and adjuvant treatment functions against infectious diseases such as influenza, diphtheria, chickenpox, epidemic meningitis, and measles.

Traditionally, inhale the aroma in the morning and afternoon for 3 minutes each time, and place it on the pillow when you go to bed at night and change it once a week.

Big pack : 20g

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