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玉林正骨水 Yu Lin Zheng Gu Shui (100ml / 60ml / 30ml)

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It can active blood circulation and eliminate blodd stasis, also remove obstruction from collaterals and channels and relieve muscular contracture, and promote subsidence of swelling and alleviate pain. It is used for traumatic injuries, used fore-or-aft exercise, which can eliminate fatigue. Heals bone fractures, relieves pains, dissipates swelling and bruises, accelerates local blood circulation and metabolism, disposes and absorbs exudates of injured tissues and cells, hastens the growth of osteoblasts to facilitate rest and recuperation on the patient's part and speeds up the healing of bone fractures. Various kinds of bone fractures, dislocation of joints and sprains, effective in preventing or dissipating rheumatic pain and fatigue before and after sports and physical exercises.

Rub the area peripheral to the bruise with cotton soaked with the tincture for analgesia. Restore dislocated joint to proper position manually, dress with soaked cotton. After one hour of medication on upper limbs or one and a half hours on lower limbs, remove the cotton. Apply two or three times daily thereafter until total recovery.
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