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滋补六味汤(6 Herbs Soup)

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六味汤(6 Herbs Soup)


moisturizing body and lungs, strengthen spleen and stomach. This herbs can be made for soup or dessert depends on your desire.

做法 : 1.5公升水再被以300克肉类煮约2~3 小时便行。或者也可以以1.5公升清水清煮2~3小时后加少许糖便成了糖水。
Pour all the soup ingredients into pot. Add about 1.5L water, and meats bring to boil. Simmer for 2~3 hours. Can be cooked by its own and add some sugar after 2~3 hours, and it become a delicious dessert.

Our company only use the herbs without any sulfur added, please keep in refrigerater.

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