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无硫河南怀山药200g(Dioscorea opposita)

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怀山药是一种生长在河南的具有健脾胃补肝肾的药食同源珍贵药材。 作为中药最重要的补益材料之一,无任何副作用。因此被历来医家 评价为“温补”“性平”,是 “药食同源”的典范,即可以当成正常食物充饥使用,用者没有避忌。

Chinese Yam (Dioscorea opposita)

Creams and dietary supplements made from the related Dioscorea villosa are claimed to contain human hormones and promoted as a medicine for a variety of purposes, including cancer prevention and the treatment of Crohn's disease and whooping cough. However, according to the American Cancer Society, the claims are false and there is no evidence to support these substances being either safe or effective. Huáishān has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Our company only use the herbs without any sulfur added, please keep in refrigerator.

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