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鸿运当头 Opportunity Knocks

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*All photos shown are for reference purpose only. We reserve the rights to substitute any item that is equivalent or even higher value depending on stock availability.*


No Item Description Qty Unit Price
1 Gift Box - Panax Ginseng (1pcs)
长白山人参 (1个)
1 RM108.00
2 Stewed Abalone In Soup (425g)
红烧鲍鱼 (425)
1 RM68.00
3 Red Wine (750ml)
红酒 (750ml)
1 RM68.00
4 Gift Box - Golden Scallops (8 tablets)
礼盒日本干贝 (8粒)
1 RM68.00
5 Bird's Nest with White Fungus, Ginseng, Rock Sugar (3 x 70ml)
泡参雪耳燕窝 (3 x 70ml)
1 RM35.00
6 Gift Box - Premium Sea Cucumber (5 tablets)
礼盒特选海参 (5条)
1 RM68.00
7 Gift Box - Premium White Fish Maw (40g)
礼盒精选鱼鳔 (40g)
1 RM49.90
8 Gift Box - Premium Tea Mushroom (80g)
礼盒精选茶花菇 (80)
1 RM24.80
9 Gift Box - Korea Ginseng Candy (100g)
礼盒高丽参糖 (100g)
1 RM11.80
Packing + Decorative Accessories Fees
包装费 + 饰品
Total Hamper Worth 9 RM539.50
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